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15 Most Promising Data Analytics Startups - 2018

Whether identifying consumer behavior and preferences or market trends and patterns, data analytics is proving to be significant for organizations. Companies are utilizing comprehensive data sets to make better and informed decisions for their business. Many enterprises are employing advanced analytics to organize large and varied data sets. Looking at the current customer demands, global big data analytics market is anticipated to grow by leaps and bounds in the upcoming years. One of the factors that positively impacts the market is the rapid increase in organizational data.

Expectations are that data analytics will make the impossible possible, but business are still in the early stages of data era. Currently, every organization is investing in data analytics capabilities to keep up with known or unknown developments and competition. The known data analytics development cycle is described as descriptive, diagnostic, discovery, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. In general, organizations currently find themselves in the diagnostic and discovery stages.

Organizations will not need to invest in data analytics platforms, because with the cloud all capabilities can easily be scaled to the organizational needs. This can include analytical building blocks, such as data lakes, machine learning tools and Hadoop, but also complete analytical visualization applications or apps readily available for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

As companies are on forage for enhanced data analytics and better customer service, this edition of Startup City lists companies that are making a mark in this regard. The startups featured in this edition are capable of helping other companies in decision making.

We present to you Startup City’s ‘‘15 Most Promising Data Analytics Startups - 2018”.

    Top Data Analytics Startups

  • Provides a full-stack, behavior-based hunting system that analyzes data to offer unprecedented visibility


  • Offers broad range of data, analytics and AI solutions and services focused on data-driven transformation


  • Provides economical data analytics and business intelligence solutions as well as sets up a scalable data infrastructure to bring easyto- understand insights


  • Offers a cloud-based platform that augments building management with capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence, Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics, and KPI analysis


  • Swrve is a complete cross-platform customer interaction engine that enables enterprises to drive customer engagement, retention, and revenue


  • Anodot


    Uses automated machine learning algorithms to analyze all business data and alert organizations in real time if an incident occurs

  • Blue Simplific

    Blue Simplific

    Blue Simplific is the next generation Cyber Security provider working to today’s cyber security and threat landscape which is ever evolving. We provides expert advice and a comprehensive service offering

  • BrightBytes


    Creates evidence-based frameworks that are combined with data from a school or region, thereby providing tools to quickly understand and improve student learning outcomes

  • Element


    Provides organizations with technology that removes existing obstacles and enables them to realize their full potential and capabilities

  • InsightSquared


    Turns sales and marketing data into decision-quality reports and visualize with InsightSquared’s revenue intelligence software

  • Kyligence


    Offers on-premises platform that simplifies big data analytics for business users, analysts, and engineers

  • Orbital Insight

    Orbital Insight

    Empowers businesses and policy decisionmakers with new insights and unbiased knowledge of socio-economic trendshttps://orbitalinsight.com/#slider-2

  • Periscope Data

    Periscope Data

    Provides a unified data platform that allows data teams to ingest, store, analyze, visualize and report on data all from one connected platform

  • Trifacta


    Builds software solutions that help organizations unlock the potential of their data by providing a new approach to preparing data for analysis

  • Valiance Solutions

    Valiance Solutions

    Builds reporting platforms and ROI efficient solutions in the areas of personalization, chatbots, computer vision, marketing, and risk management